Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Double Dunkin' Dubstep

Audiolink also posted at Clubcircuit.be

Bart Haegens, ex-Rits, currently VRT, has produced a three part audio series on Dubstep, the subgenre of drum'n'bass. He invited me to contribute some profound insights and widely reverberating ramifications on the subject.

I haven't spoken on pop- and subcultures in ye-a-r-s. Not since my days at De Verbeelding, now Ladda.
So I downed me a drink, occupied my seat at the table, and talked real to the man.

Included, my dialectic me and some of the best stuff I ever whipped up in my kitchen on my own !

Have fun !
(podcast +/- 30 MB, 30')

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