Friday, June 06, 2008

Polling Islam

Muslims Against Sharia describes itself as an islamic reform movement, set up to "acknowledge mistakes, accept responsibilities and move forward".

M.A.S. made the press when they released a rewrite of the Qu'ran, abolishing all passages that do not sit well with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The new version can be read online

Equally worth a solid look is their polling page, where problems such as the necessity of reform, and the abolition of sharia law are put before the public. Polls and results can all be consulted online here

Muslims Against Sharia can be contacted through a post office box in Omaha Nebraska, or by email via info AT reformislam DOT org. They apparently have a solid sense of humor, as the ask that death threats be sent to die AT reformislam DOT org - no kiddin'...

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Quilliam Foundation

This looks like an interesting change from the usual :

the Quilliam Foundation

founded by two British ex-islamists, to :

- Expose and challenge the weaknesses, inconsistencies, and failings of Islamist thought and actions;
- Provide a scripturally rooted theological and ideological alternative to the rigidity of Islamism and extreme Wahhabism;
- Narrate public testimonies as to why Islamists and extreme Wahhabites (of various persuasions) abandoned these movements;
- Encourage current Islamists and extreme Wahhabites to sever ties with their movements and enter the fold of mainstream Islam;
- Advocate full integration of Muslims into Western society as citizens, not as a faith community, and counter the separatism of Islamists.

My source tells me that the entry entitled "Ed Husain wins at Doha Debates, Qatar", the proposition that "Muslism are failing to combat extremism" is an especially informative and hopeful piece of news. Check it out at the foundation's website to learn more.

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