Friday, June 20, 2008

Yes to Europe !

As always, The Economist offers refreshing and surprising takes on world events. But even then, two particular pieces of information from the latest edition of The Economist blog 'Certain Ideas of Europe' jump out.

One is a podcast discussing the Irish 'no', that shows a Britain emphatically saying YES to Europe. That's a marked change from the usual where the UK is cast as a Euro-sceptic force. And even if it's just words, they certainly lift the spirit. The podcast can be subscribed to here

A second, and equally happy piece of news, can be read here. An Independent poll revealed that not that many of the 'naysayers' would actually object to a second round, casting doubt on the depth and solidity of Ireland's no of last week. That's lucky, because a re:referendum seems to be in the works indeed. At the EU Summit in Brussels of May 19-20 Ireland's Taoiseach Brian Owen has been given a year to push through a second vote. If the Irish are not all that much against the idea, who knows the Treaty might still survive, given the necessary assurances.

Baffling, but good news, for those who want to keep the Union on the tracks !

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