Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And while we're at it... (E)

This one is incredibly funny and at first glimpse, also smack on. Let it sink in however, and this turns out to represent a very clever return to orthodoxy. A release by UmmahFilms. Enjoy.

Reveilations: insights into the hijab part3 (E)

Final part of the series on the hijab.

Reveilations: insights into the hijab part2 (E)

Part 2 of the excellent video essay on the hijab by Nazneen Reehman

Reveilations: insights into the hijab part1 (E)

This video and its sequels, by Nazneen Reehman, offers an excellent treatment of the matter of hijab.

Early December I will speak at the upcoming 'Subversive Reviewing' conference at the University of Gloucestershire. The headscarf will figure prominently in that talk and I thank the producer of the above video series for the revealing document.

Expect my talk and comments to be published later in December.