Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Podcasts met XLAir : Islam & het Midden-Oosten

Het is gelukt !

De podcasts van mijn lessenreeks ism Wouter Hessels druppelen mondjesmaat binnen op de pagina's van XlAir. Vind ze hier

(lezingen in het kader van de reeks Media & Maatschappij, Erasmushogeschool, dpt. Rits)

Bekijk een video-interview over dit project op Skynet
Of lees meer op DataNews

Monday, March 26, 2007

Allah's Desperation (E)

Brussels, March 26th '07, afternoon, docklands.

Somebody obviously forget to tell somebody about something ! Or I'm reading the wrong newspapers.
When exactly did the city of Baghdad become a state ? And how is it again that the concepts of a secular state and religious rule blend well ? And 'musulman', surely means sunni right, or was it shia after all - hmm, I'm confused.
And then the 108 ... Are these the guys next door who traded school for car repairs from a Molenbeek sidewalk last summer ? Can't be, since the spelling in this graffitit is faultless...
Fascinating. Incomprehensible. Scary. Not islam, but nitwits and blockheads are taking over. Run ! Hide ! Before somebody somewhere unexpectedly stumbles onto you... somehow...