Thursday, May 11, 2006

Three Monochromes : Red/Green/Blue (E)

Here is the recent & upcoming playlist of 'Three Monochromes', a sonic reiteration by my good friend and longtime collaborator Stefaan Quix. The visual part of his performance builds on a piece of software that I wrote upon his request.

The software outputs one of the respective rgb monochromes and lets the musician manipulate its visual transformations over time, parallel to the aural dimension. It was done in Macromedia Director, before the days of the Flash-hype, and is written in Lingo.

Playlist :

Stefaan Quix is performing a 10 hour version of "Three Monochromes: Red / Bruno S." at the OKNO Festival in Brussels on Wednesday the 24th of May.

"Three Monochromes: Red / Bruno S.", together with Julia Eckhardt (viola) and Silvia Platzer (cello), at the Q-02 Werkplaats in Brussels on Thursday the 11th of May. Also playing that night are Axel Dörner and Robin Hayward.

Edith Doove invites the complete "Three Monochromes" cycle during the Hyperbolic project at STUK in Leuven. "Three Monochromes: Green" the 23rd of March, "Three Monochromes: Blue" on the 11th of April and "Three Monochromes: Red" on the 21st of April.

"Three Monochromes: Red" / "Bruno S.", on Friday the 10th of February 2006, at the new Q-O2 werkhuis. Julia Eckhardt will be guesting on viola.


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