Friday, November 30, 2007

Tariq Ramadan and Sharia

Two recent cases of sharia jurisdiction have again revealed the sclerotic state of affairs the world of Islam is in. In Sudan a British woman is convicted to jail for naming a teddybear Muhammad; in Saudi-Arabia a woman is sentenced to 200 lashes and her lawyer barred from the court for appealing her case of gang-rape.
Tariq Ramadan devotes a comment to this deplorable display of either cynicism or ineptitude (which is it?), calling Islamic states and leaders to 'Come Back to Islam, come back to Justice, please!'.
It makes for an interesting read. We know Ramadan as the man who called for a moratorium on sharia capital punishment, leaving unclear whether such punishment had to be abandoned and revoked alltogether, or merely put on hold until some later general agreement and consensus had been reached. This time his call is clear on the subject : quit fooling around and initiate the much needed fundamental sharia reform that we need, please.
I quote : "One must ask these Islamic majority societies to be more consistent with their own values and to stick to justice by refusing to abuse Islam. It means to protect the independence of the judicial system, to protect equally the innocent people, poor or rich, Muslims and non Muslims, men and women. We cannot remain silent when we read about such a ridiculous and sad tale in Sudan."
I second that.


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Ook de Muslim Council of Britain distantieert zich. Zie volgend persbericht :

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