Monday, March 26, 2007

Allah's Desperation (E)

Brussels, March 26th '07, afternoon, docklands.

Somebody obviously forget to tell somebody about something ! Or I'm reading the wrong newspapers.
When exactly did the city of Baghdad become a state ? And how is it again that the concepts of a secular state and religious rule blend well ? And 'musulman', surely means sunni right, or was it shia after all - hmm, I'm confused.
And then the 108 ... Are these the guys next door who traded school for car repairs from a Molenbeek sidewalk last summer ? Can't be, since the spelling in this graffitit is faultless...
Fascinating. Incomprehensible. Scary. Not islam, but nitwits and blockheads are taking over. Run ! Hide ! Before somebody somewhere unexpectedly stumbles onto you... somehow...


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